• Use this 1A/2A USB Constant Load Resistor together with the USB Digital Capacity Meter to measure the claimed capacity of any power bank

  • Switch to 1A load if the power bank to be tested cannot deliver 2A current output

  • Green LED light means 1A load (5 Watts) and red LED means 2A load (10 Watts)

1A/2A USB Constant Load Resistor

PhP 295.00

+ Freight: PhP 200.00 Nationwide






5V / 1A; 5V / 2A

1A Mode (5W)

Slow Discharge (Green LED)

2A Mode (10W)

Fast Discharge (Red LED)


3 Months

What's in the Box?

1A/2A Constant Load Resistor

  • Switch to 2A mode to test if the power bank can really deliver the fast charging 2 ampere current output

  • Switch to 2A load for faster testing completion time if the power bank being tested can deliver 2A current output

  • Be careful not to touch this load resistor when the testing is on-going.  It becomes extremely hot during the testing period.  The energy being drained by this load resister is being converted from electric into heat energy!