• Use this USB Digital Capacity Meter with the 1A/2A Constant Load Resistor to measure the claimed capacity of any power bank.
  • Don’t just believe what the sales person is saying.  You can now validate the claimed capacity of the power bank with this affordable Digital Capacity Meter.
  • Capacity reading is presented directly in mAh for easy reference
  • Test if the 2A charger you are buying can really deliver 2 amperes charging output current
  • Test if the replacement USB charger cable can really deliver the needed current for faster charging

USB Digital Capacity Meter

PhP 395.00

+ Freight: PhP 200.00 Nationwide






3V - 15V / 50mA - 3500 mA


3V - 15V / 50mA - 3500 mA


0 - 19999mAh


3 Months

What's in the Box?

Digital Capacity Meter, Manual

  • ​​​​​​You can now know why it takes longer time to charge your phone whenever you buy a new replacement charger or USB charger cable.
  • It has 10 memory regions to store 10 measurements.
  • To switch between memory regions, double click the round button, then click once to switch to new memory region; click again once to switch to the next, etc.;  double click to exit the switching mode.
  • To erase the memory region, simply press and hold the round button for about 5 seconds or until you see the mAh resets to zero.