icarer Family Mini-Bus Evaporative Air Cooler

Model: IFLFJ001

Mini-Bus Evaporative Air Cooler

PhP 1,295.00

+ Freight: PhP 300.00 Nationwide





Input Voltage

USB Type C DC 5V/2A

Tank Capacity


Full Tank Operation Time


Mist Operation Time


Mist Generation Rate


Mist Control

User Control On/Off

Fan Speed

3 speeds

Net Weight


Size (Unit Only)

210x195x155 mm


1 Year

What's in the Box?: 1 Mini-Bus Cooler, 1 Type C USB Charging Cable, 1 Manual, 1 Supplemental Manual 

Annika Says: Icarer Family Mini Bus Air Cooler

Annika Says: 艾克家族迷你巴士冷風機 (中文版)

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Will Adding Ice Improve the Cooling Performance?

This Icarer Family Mini-Bus Evaporative Air Cooler will surely be loved by your kids.  Aside from being cute, it is a more cost effective way of cooling you down as compared to the ordinary electric fan.  It costs less electricity than an ordinary fan and yet provide a cooler breeze to keep you cool all day, be it indoor or outdoor.  Just use a power bank with 2A output capacity to power up this mini air cooler outdoors.  This mini cooler is also very environment friendly since it uses only water as its cooling agent as compared to the traditional home air-conditioner units which make use of Freon as their cooling agent that are harmful to our environment especially the ozone layer of our atmosphere.  The degree of coldness of this air cooler cannot compete with the traditional air-conditioner since they operate on a similar and yet different principle of operation far too complicated to be discussed here.

The evaporative cooler operates on the principle that when water evaporates, its water vapor absorbs heat from its surrounding environment, thus causing the air to become cooler.  The same principle can be observed when we are coming out of the swimming pool completely wet, and then suddenly, the wind blows pass us.  At this instant, we will feel a sudden chill caused by this passing wind.  The passing wind causes the water on our skin to evaporate rapidly, and when water evaporates, it will absorb the heat from its immediate surrounding, in this case, it includes our skin.  This is the reason why we can feel the chill on our skin.


As you can see from the construction of this air cooler, it has a water tank to store the water to be used as its coolant.  Then at the front of the cooler is a water curtain or filter that is kept wet by the water coming from the water tank.  Behind this water curtain is a fan that propels air through this water curtain and out into the room to reach you.  When the air passes through the water curtain, the water on its surface starts to evaporate and this cools down the air that passes through, thus the cool air that comes to you out of this fan!


Please take note that this cooler has a mist generator feature that creates fine water mist which serves 2 purpose.  One, is to provide better comfort due to the refreshing coolness of this mist.  And second, it humidifies the immediate surrounding since the mist is basically water vapor which adds humidity to the air of our immediate surrounding.  This mist generator operates using the same principle used by some of the diffusers in the current market.  This mist generator produces sound waves at an ultrasonic frequency which we can't actually hear.  These waves in turn cause the water to vibrate rapidly and turn into mist.  For people living in Metro Manila whose tap water comes from dams such as La Mesa Dam, Angat Dam, etc, which collects water from rain, the cooler can use the water straight from the tap.  Such kind of water are considered relatively "soft" and may not cause clogging problem to the mist generator.  For people who live outside Metro Manila and whose tap water comes from their local water district, they should not use their tap water for this air cooler as much as possible to prevent the mist generator from clogging.  The water usually comes from underground source and not from rain water.  Water from underground contains a lot of minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium.  These minerals cause the deposition of a white substance technically called "scale" and causes clogging of small crevices in equipment and in this case, the small gaps inside this mist generator.  Such water is called, "hard" water.  To prolong the life of this mini cooler, we strongly suggest you to use distilled water or water from your water refilling station that is "softened" if you live in areas outside Metro Manila and your tap water comes from underground sources.

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