2-Ton Dual Ram Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Model: T010402

2-Ton Dual Ram Hydraulic Bottle Jack

PhP 1,295.00

+ Freight: PhP 400.00 Nationwide








2 Tons

Minimum Height

17 cm

Maximum Height

42.2 cm



Max. Lift Displacement

20 cm

Package Weight

3350 g

Net Weight (Unit Only)

2750 g

Package Dimensions

18x12x28 cm


1 Year

What's in the Box?: 1 Dual Ram Hydraulic Bottle Jack, 1 Inner Handle, 1 Outer Handle, 1 Manual 

Our Dual Ram Hydraulic Bottle Jack offers safety and convenience not found in other bottle jacks currently available in the Philippine market. With the traditional jacks, you have to find the lowest point under the vehicle and jack it up, then place wooden blocks to support the vehicle so that you can find a second location to place the jack to lift the vehicle the second time in order to reach the target height before you can change your tire. With our dual ram jack, you can lift your vehicle with a displacement of up to 20 cm. in a single attempt. With the existing jacks, the average displacement is just about 9-10 cm.! Our jack offers 2x the lift compared to any existing jacks in the market! This is safety and time saving without any compromise!

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