About us

Powerbankphils.com is a subsidiary of Windsor Computer Center, an IT store located in Batangas City, Philippines.  In line with its mother company’s philosophy of providing its customers with the latest technological products as they develop at a very reasonable and competitive prices, together with its belief of taking advantage of technology to help improve the quality of life of its customers, Powerbankphils.com was born with the objective of specializing and focusing on the development of power bank for cars and help people get to safety in cases of emergencies caused by their car battery dying out in situations that are dangerous.  It also aims to rescue delivery trucks stranded in the middle of its delivery where there is no one to help;  same as fulfilling an urgent task when the heavy equipment’s battery dies out in the middle of a job order.  Our objective here is to help out our customers to safety and to fulfill their job obligations.  Safety and productivity should work hand in hand.  Productivity must not be at the expense of safety.  At powerbankphils.com, we welcome feedbacks from our customers like you so that we can constantly improve and innovate our products to meet and even exceed your expectations and specification requirements, at the same time, to provide you with  peace of mind knowing that your equipment are well covered whenever their battery runs out of power.

Why Choose Our Power Bank for Cars?

  1.  Military Grade High-Rate Lithium-Polymer Battery
  2.  International Certifications: FCC, RoHS, CE
  3.  High Temperature Resistant Battery Cell (65 °C for 7 days)
  4.  Internal Resistance of the Entire Battery Set (≤ 12mΩ)
  5.  35 - 60C continuous discharge; 100 - 140C instantaneous discharge (1sec)
  6.  Flame Retardant Casing
  7.  Continuous Research and Development
  8.  Widest Range Models to Cover Any Type of Engines-Gas or Diesel, both 12V  and 24V
  9.  Smart Clamps for Protection against Personal Injury and Damage to Car Components
  10.  High level of Technical Experience and Know How
  11. 12 Months Warranty