Safety & Convenience without Compromise!

Everyone of us wants to have safety in everything that we do. But with safety, comes a lot of inconveniences for we have to add more procedures and at times additional safety equipment. At powerbankphils, our products offer safety and convenience without the compromise! When your car battery fails, our Gulen Car jump starters are ready to help you jump start your car at almost zero down time at the comfort of your home without the need for professional service.

To make your driving experience more pleasurable and worry free, our Yoelbaer Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) will give you peace of mind by providing you real time tire pressure and temperature monitor of all four tires and any problem with any of the tires will be reported to you as it happens so that you can address the problem head on in a timely manner. In case your tire gets punctured by screws, nails or other sharp objects along the way, our Yoelbaer portable tire pump can save you the hassle of having to change the tire yourself when you can just pump it up and drive to the nearest service center to have the problem fixed!

power bank for cars

Imagine this...


  *You are a lady,  driving alone in a far-flung place with no one around...


  *You have a deliverydeadline to beat and your truck is half way out in the streets…


  *You need to start up your industry grade generator set during power outage…


  *Your heavy equipment is in the middle of an urgent job order...

Then suddenly, your car battery runs out of power!


Well, worry no more! We have a solution for you...!  With our lineup of power bank for cars or portable car jump starters,  no matter how small or big your car is, there is a model that suits your requirement and can jump start your car whatever the size it may be, wherever you are, whenever you need it most! specializes in the continuous development and improvement of power bank for cars. Backed up by a strong team of R&D engineers stationed at the electronics hub located in Shenzen, China - our lineup of power bank for cars are specially designed and engineered to deliver the needed power to jump start your car anytime, anywhere and whatever the size it may be- from small 1.6 L gasoline sedan to 3.0 L diesel engines or to heavy equipment like backhoe and even 18-wheeler container trucks.

When your battery dies out on you...

You may wait for help to arrive...

Or take charge of the situation and use our power bank...

How to Jump Start Your Car

Power Bank for Cars ?

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To jump start your car and get to safety !

smart clamp technology

At, we don't just focus on developing and delivering to our customers the most powerful power banks for cars, we also care for the safety of both user and the car itself.  Power bank for cars deliver electric current as high as 450 Amperes or more in order to jump start the car’s engine.  Such amount of electric current if channeled improperly may result to physical injury to persons; may cause damage to car battery, car parts like capacitors of the starter motor.  Worse, it may even damage the car’s on-board computer system if the clamps are connected to the car’s battery in reverse polarity.  It is strongly suggested that you don’t settle for any cheap brand of power bank for cars. A little savings in buying a cheap brand is not worth it as compared to the damage it may cause to your car’s on-board computer system!

Smart Clamp

Standard Clamp

By developing our own “intelligent” or “smart clamp”, accidents associated with the improper use of the power bank for cars can now be totally prevented.  This “smart clamp” is specifically designed to offer protection from:  short circuit, reverse polarity, over-discharge, and back-charge.  It can also check the health condition of your car battery by helping you to isolate the problem.  With its LED indicators, it can tell you that the failure of the car to start is due to other reasons than a drained battery.  Under such situation, if its LED indicator signals you that the battery is in healthy condition, then the cause of the failure to start has nothing to do with the battery but comes from elsewhere.  This then should prompt you to seek professional help.


At,  we believe that safety must always be one of key components in any development and advancement in technology.

Why Choose Smart Clamp?

How to Use Smart Clamp?

why choose smart clamp over standard clamp?


Smart Clamp

Standard Clamp


Short Circuit Protection



Produces violent sparks;  may  cause fire and physical burns

Over-Discharge Protection



May severely damage the power bank’s battery if used for cars that draw higher current than what the power bank can deliver

Back-Charge Protection



This is to protect the power bank from the car’s alternator back-charging the power bank

Rerverse Polarity Protection



When the “-“ of the power bank is connected to the “+” of the car battery, this is called “reverse polarity”.  When this happens and there is no reverse polarity protection, the car’s ON-BOARD COMPUTER SYSTEM may be damaged!

Car Battery Health Check



You can check the health of your car battery and determine by yourself whether the failure in start-up lies in the battery or is from other cause (exception: GL19 due to 4-cell system)

Power Bank for Mobile Devices

At, we believe quality power banks need not be expensive.  This is the reason why we offer the Xiaomi line up of power banks for mobile devices.  Xiaomi is globally known for high quality products at very low and affordable prices.  Its products are also known for elegant designs, functionality and exceptional safety features.

Xiaomi Power Banks

World-Class Safety Features 

Elegant and Exquisitely Crafted Product Design

From the Slimmest, Lightest 5000mAh for Travel Light Users

To the Massive 20000mAh for the Power Hungry Individuals

We offer 6 models of power bank to suit the needs of every individual from the smallest and cutest (5,000mAh capacity) for travel light users to the biggest (20,000mAh capacity) for the power hungry users!  All Xiaomi power banks are made with functionality, quality, aesthetics and safety in mind at a price everyone can afford!  Models from the smallest to the biggest offer fast charging up to 2.0A or higher!  Other in between model offers Type C USB charging/discharging.  Its auto-detect function automatically detects and supplies the needed current output based on the demand of the device attached including fast charging output with 9V and 12V!   Whatever model you choose, all offer the same safety protection against (1) over-charge, (2) over-discharge, (3) short circuit, and (4) over temperature.  As to its quality, you don’t have to worry for all models come with 6 months warranty.

At, there is a power bank for everyone !

Charging Current Output

Not all power banks are created equal.  There are those claiming they can provide fast charging but in actuality they cannot.  What does fast charging and slow charging mean?  As a guide, fast charging will provide higher energy output from the power bank at the same given time as compared to its slower charging counterpart.  In another words, fast charging means it can charge fully your phone in lesser the time as compared to slow charging.   And this is measured by its current output in Ampere units.  Faster charging will deliver higher current or Amperes.  Substandard power banks usually can only deliver 1 ampere and not 2 amperes.  And for power banks that have 2 USB ports used at the same time, the substandard ones cannot deliver a combined output of about 3.6 Amperes meaning each port delivering around 1.75 Amperes each.

Claimed Capacity and Number of Charges

Claimed Capacity

Number of Charges

The claimed capacity of the power bank refers to the amount of energy that it contains.  The higher the value, the more energy it has, and therefore the longer it lasts; or the higher the number of charges it can deliver before it needs to be recharged again.  Substandard or counterfeit power banks tend to overclaim their capacity to make them more attractive to potential buyers.  Such practice is not uncommon in the free market we are in right now.  But with reputable brands such as Xiaomi, you can be assured that all genuine power banks you buy meet their world-class quality standards and are within their claimed capacity.  Claimed capacity is the capacity of the lithium batteries that are inside the power bank’s casing. This refers to the capacity of the power bank when it is being recharged in preparation for its use later which is to recharge your mobile devices.  Actual output capacity is the capacity of the power bank when it is being used to charge your mobile devices.  The actual output capacity is always lower that the power bank’s claimed capacity.  In order to simplify the Mathematics involved here, we at has set a simple guideline for computing the actual output capacity of power banks.  We simply multiply the claimed capacity (applicable only to reputable and quality brands) by 60% to get the actual output capacity.  We then divide this actual output capacity by the capacity rating of the mobile device’s battery to get the number of charges the power bank can deliver before it needs to be recharged.  For example, how many times can a “good” power bank with claimed capacity of 10,000mAh charge a device with a 3000mAh battery?

10,000mAh x 60% = 6,000mAh

6,000mAh / 3,000mAh = 2

* For additional info about power bank capacity, effective % capacity, conversion rate and no. of charges, please visit the FAQ’s page of or

Power Bank Capacity, Charger & Cable Testers

At, we don’t just provide quality products at affordable prices, we also share relevant and helpful information to empower our valued visitors/customers by providing them with the right tool and know-how so that they can take active role in first-hand objective evaluation of the quality of common household products such as power banks, chargers, and USB charging cables.

USB Digital Capacity Meter

USB 1A/2A Constant Load Resistor

With the use of the Capacity Meter and the Constant Load Resistor, we can easily measure the actual output capacity of power banks versus their claimed capacity.  A lot of cheap and counterfeit power banks are over-claiming their capacity to make their product more attractive to unsuspecting buyers. At, we have measured several branded power banks as well as low cost and counterfeit brands, and have come up with our own standards so as to provide a quick guide to our customers.   We have set our passing mark at 60% of the power bank’s claimed capacity.  Anything below this mark is not acceptable.  But anything above this mark is highly recommendable!

Set Constant Load Resistor to 1A for Power Banks that Can’t Deliver 2A Load

 Set Constant Load Resistor to 2A for Shorter Testing Time

This Original Xiaomi Power Bank has a Claimed Capacity of 10,000mAh 

Actual Output Capacity: 7,502mAh Equivalent to  75% and Passed with Flying Colors !

This Cute Power Bank has a Claimed Capacity of 2,600mAh 

Actual Output Capacity: 425mAh Equivalent to only 16% and Failed Miserably !

Other Uses Of the Capacity Meter

We use this Capacity Meter to validate if this 1A charger is delivering the specified 1 ampere charging out current to your mobile phone.  As can be seen here, the delivered current is at 0.89 A which is within its specification.

Now, let's see if this 2A charger can deliver its specified 2 amperes charging out current to your mobile phone.  As can be seen here, the delivered current is at 1.84 A which is within its specification.

Use this Capacity Meter to measure the actual output of current with different cables.  With Cable 1, it has the highest current output of 1.84 amperes which will facilitate faster charging of your phone.

A separate testing with the same setup but with a different cable - Cable 2. It registered the lowest current output of just 0.33  ampere !  This will result to 5 times longer charging time as compared to Cable 1.

Some Practical Uses of the Capacity Meter and Constant Load Resistors